A Scoop On The Recent Google Core Updates And How They’ll Affect Your SEO Strategy

Anyone who is familiar with the SEO world knows that Google unleashes algorithm core updates from time to time. Some are massive shakeups in SERPs while others are negligible tweaks. These updates, whether subtle or big, affect websites in a number of ways. Some websites experience a surge in website traffic while a majority observes low rankings immediately after such updates.

Here, we have compiled a list of three biggest and recent Google core updates beginning from the most recent. You might find the information useful if you want to know more about changes in Google’s algorithm and how they will affect your SEO strategy.

  • June 2019 Core Update

On June 2, Google released an announcement through its Twitter account about an upcoming June 2019 Core Update. The algorithm uses various weighted components of a webpage and compares it with a search query with the goal of giving the user the best possible results.

Unlike previous algorithm updates, this one came with a warning. This notice immediately threw the SEO community into a frenzy of speculations. Many of them thought that the update must be massive no wonder Google has given warning.

As at now, the June 2019 core update is live and as expected, it has caused incredible waves in SEO. Reports claim that the Google algorithm update has already affected websites, particularly those that depend on amassing search result. A perfect example is Daily Mail that has complained of a 50% drop in daily traffic. More sites have experienced significant drops in visibility after the update went live. On the other hand, sites such as Sun, Mirror, and HuffPost have enjoyed massive gains in visibility since the core update was implemented.

Overall, the June 2019 update will either make a positive or negative impact depending on your website and that of your competitors. Like other updates, there is no fix to this since it is not targeted to specific websites and SEO elements.

  • March 2019 Core Algorithm Update

Another recent update that caused drastic drops in web traffic is the March 2019 Core Algorithm Update. As you might have guessed, this particular one came before the June 2019 Core Algorithm update. According to the update, Google wants websites to abide by certain guidelines failure to which they will be penalized. Unfortunately, since the implementation of this algorithm, Google hasn’t really given guidance on how the update is going to impact websites.

Although there is no clear direction about the update from Google, data from SEO research shows that the update is somewhat a downgrade, as seen by the number of websites that have dropped in rankings. The March 2019 update is not focused on any niche, doesn’t target certain signals like backlinks and content quality and is just there to improve how Google matches search queries to web pages. The best way to approach this is to keep generation relevant, high-quality content that appeals to users.

  • The Incremental Algorithm

The incremental algorithm update was rolled out on 18 January 2019 by Google with the primary targets being blogs and News Websites. This happened simultaneously with Google’s release of the best practices for News sites where they requested for clear headlines and time stamps. Additionally, the search engine is also particular on who qualifies as a news content writer. According to the algorithm, site owners should ensure that they have author bio pages and clear bylines for their writers. Furthermore, duplication, scraping, and rewriting of content is not acceptable and site owners should use HTTPS for all their pages and posts.

There you have it; three recent and massive Google core updates. Clearly, your best line of defense as a site owner is to create user-friendly content and abide by Google’s rules. This way, even if an update affects you negatively, it doesn’t take long before you bounce back.